What's New?

The Online Communicator website has been online since the mid 1990s. It actually started out with a different domain name. But it always the same mission of sharing information and helping build community.

This was years before social media. Nowadays you may "follow" topics or share information various ways. Back then, you would look for sites like this, with curated web links to carefully chosen content.

We endured a long hiatus in updates, but kept the site online for its loyal users... until July 2023, when our hosting company lost its lease (literally, it seems). So we suddenly needed a new host, with no advance notice.

We're using this opportunity to make long-overdue changes and updates. It will not be practical to put the entire site back online exactly as it was, and we can't do it quickly. But you'll find a new and enhanced site returning gradually. We invite you to keep us bookmarked and visit again to see the old - and new - content, better than ever!

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